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Making All Of My Dreams Cum True

I was never afraid of admitting I was a sexy gay. I knew from a very young age. And thankfully my family was more than accepting and supportive when I finally decided to tell them. This didn’t leave a lot of room for drama and all of the difficult phases men like me usually have to go through. I am grateful for that, because it allowed me to start exploring my sexuality guilt free, and to decide what I wanted out of my life without any pressure or negative influences surrounding me. For the longest of times, I couldn’t really make myself see what it was that I wanted.

Long term was just not for me

I wouldn’t say I was afraid of commitments. The idea of staying committed to one partner for a lifetime wasn’t particularly alluring to me, but I have been known to have a few long-term relationships, which all ultimately ended when the time came to decide if I was going to spend the rest of my life with that one man and nobody else. The idea of not being able to explore anymore, and that all of those different men I could of met are now not going to be an option for me frighten me. I guess all I needed was just a little bit of time to scope out the fields and live out my fantasies before I settle down.

The page that turned my life around

Enter pornotumblr.com, my personal savior and a way for me to connect with people wanted to try things that aren’t exactly traditional. One of my boyfriends, after we’ve had another fight about where our future is going to be, told me that if I still want to play a teenager and discover what I already know, I might as well go to that website and stay at home by myself. Obviously he spurted it all out in the moment of rage, but I couldn’t help but be curious and see what the website is all about.

My blessing from the skies

The first thing I could undeniably see is that there were no boundaries as to what you could find on that webpage. There were all kinds of sex for every viewer to enjoy, from Interracial, mature, threesomes and orgies all the way to lesbian and gay sex, she males, fetishism and a whole bunch more of niches and categories to enjoy. Obviously, I spent a lot of my time browsing through the endless pages of amateur gay porn. I found a few users, whose content I genuinely liked. I reached out to them with a personal message and before you know it I was offered a chance to meet them in person.

A brand new world

They are the kinds of guys who don’t pay much attention to boundaries or don’t feel limited by the society. They do things for their own pleasure and they don’t care about the long-term, just like me. I was amazed to finally meet somebody who had the similar thought process and after a few nights out with these guys, there was nobody more surprised than I was to hear they want me to start one of their videos and in that particular moment i felt like a pornstar. It was the beginning of a grand friendship, and I can tell you right now that there isn’t going to be an end.

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