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Meet Johnny Rapid, the poster babyface

You might have seen this little twink in action, which wouldn’t be a surprise. He enjoyed a quick and very successful rise to fame, thanks to the exclusive contract that was offered to him by men.com. He seems to have it all: A sleek body, an angel face, and the ability to take on an entire football team. He can certainly take a lot of pounding, but what more is there to Johnny Rapid anyway?

A contradicting history

Although he is the unprecedented king of all sex scenes when it comes to gay porn, a lot of his fans were struck with disbelief, when he admitted in an interview that he is actually a gay for pay. With the classic prison shower scene available on video porno gay, and so many videos of him genuinely enjoying being pounded, it’s hard to believe that he isn’t bisexual at the very least.  However, questions of his sexuality got sparked up once more when he made a 2$ million offer for a sex scene to Canadian musician, Justin Bieber. He definitely took a shine to being a bottom, and no matter what he says, during every scene, his eyes say it all.


Just by watching his scenes, you could easily assume that Johnny Rapid is a submissive bottom. This assumption can easily be put to rest. He starred on a documentary series called “I’m a porn star”, where he said that he is actually very dominant with women. Furthermore, he seems to be into very violent sex. While he does say that he tends to shoot his porn and then go back home to his girlfriend, it certainly can’t be denied that he likes to have his little pink cave filled to the stretching point.

A closed book

Other than the few incidents Johnny Rapid was involved in, his personal life stays a secret to everyone. He has his own website, his own twitter profile and he is socially active, having appeared in many interviews, documentaries and reality shows. However, this young porn star refuses to discuss his personal life at every opportunity, so not much is known about him. His fans don’t seem to mind, and although they would probably want to know more about this sexy little twink, they seem content with what they have been offered.

So far, Johnny Rapid has an astounding record, of over 100 gay scenes all 20 minutes long, or longer. He doesn’t seem to want to switch careers so far, and men.com is showering him with exclusive offers, so we are most likely to see much more of him in the future. Maybe a hot pov scene or another insane gangbang with him is the main star. One thing is certain: Johnny Rapid is full of surprises and he never fails to deliver. Whether he is a bottom or a top, there is always something worth jerking off to. That little hole is far from retiring, so there is a lot of stretching in its forecast.

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