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Meet Paddy O’Brian, the hottest guy in the industry

Now here’s a guy you’ll hear about practically everywhere! The finest exclusive model, Paddy O’Brian, seems to have lucked out. Everything seems to be going for him right now. He’s got that firm, jock stud body, a perfect cock, and to top it all off – his charming smile, rock-hard abs and tantalizing British accent could get a rise out of the straightest man on Earth. So, who exactly is Paddy O’Brian?

With more than 88 appearances as a top at Men.com, Paddy’s performance could be summed up in one word: Delicious! Some of his hottest stuff steals the spotlight on numerous free gay porn sites. Even despite the fact that he claims to be gay for pay, Paddy certainly delivers a convincing performance each and every time. When it comes to his sexuality, Paddy doesn’t really like to define or label himself in any way. He claims to be sexually fluid, which is further strengthened by the fact that he did shoot a few straight scenes in his early days, but nowadays, you’ll mostly find him in hot gay action.

  From Top to Bottom in a second

Anyone who’s seen Paddy’s scenes will tell you that he has always been an aggressive, dominant top. The snag, bag, thanks for the shag kind of a guy, too. So, it’s interesting at the very least to see him star in a gangbang – at the receiving end! That’s right, and in a later interview, he says that he loved it. If there’s a small thing that might irk his fans from time to time, not that there’s anything small about him, mind you, it’s that he isn’t particularly into giving blowjobs.

He describes some of the hottest scenes he ever shot as masterpieces, and he would like to direct a film on his own one day. He calls himself a very naughty man and says that the dirty minds have no problems coming up with a perfect way to write film and perform in a good porn scene. Behind the scenes, Paddy is into fighting and admits to loving the gym, which must work out well for him. One look at his abs and they’ll tell you that he won’t have any problems landing more work opportunities. An overall cheerful guy with a devilish smile, Paddy has stolen a lot of hearts both on and off-screen.

  Sinfully Delicious

No matter who he’s fucking at any given time, Paddy just explodes with raw sexuality. That 7 inch, uncut big cock certainly helps along those lines. Some of the undoubtedly best scenes he shot include a mad fucking session with Johnny Rapid, and some hot action with guys like Trenton Ducati, Will Helm, and definitely Landon Conrad. Whether he is pumping and humping against hungry little twinks who are begging for his cum or taking it up his tight asshole, Paddy O’Brian is every man’s wet dream, gay or straight. Some of his fans would like to know much more about him, but as far as he’s concerned, Paddy is him, he is Paddy and he always wants to give his 110% to make his fans happy.

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