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Keny Style – Pornstar


Born: 27 May 1981 (age32)

Ethnicity: Thailand

Height: 1.75 m

keny style
He was born to a single mother, who was a sex worker in Thailand. She moved in UK where she married with a british guy. After a while the marriange ended ans left Keny at an orphanage until the age of 16.  Before to became a pornstar he have an interesting life. He was in British Army and have missions in Bosnia, Ireland Iraq and Kosovo. After 7 years he leave the army and entered in the porn industry, in a company called Superman Stamina.  After he worked and live in Europe in Prague and Budapest, moved in US in the city of lights Los Angeles.

Is knowed that asian people have small cocks. In an interview he tell his oppinion about that.  He said don’t have the biggest cock, but neighter the smallest, and you don’t fuck only with your dick. You use whole body, your style, presence, and attitude. Important is to make the person near you happy, not if its fits in the vagina.

Here is a great video with him.  Enjoy 🙂
Keni Style fucking a big booty

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