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Meet Johnny Rapid, the poster babyface

You might have seen this little twink in action, which wouldn’t be a surprise. He enjoyed a quick and very successful rise to fame, thanks to the exclusive contract that was offered to him by men.com. He seems to have it all: A sleek body, an angel face, and the ability to take on an entire football team. He can certainly take a lot of pounding, but what more is there to Johnny Rapid anyway?

A contradicting history

Although he is the unprecedented king of all sex scenes when it comes to gay porn, a lot of his fans were struck with disbelief, when he admitted in an interview that he is actually a gay for pay. With the classic prison shower scene available on video porno gay, and so many videos of him genuinely enjoying being pounded, it’s hard to believe that he isn’t bisexual at the very least.  However, questions of his sexuality got sparked up once more when he made a 2$ million offer for a sex scene to Canadian musician, Justin Bieber. He definitely took a shine to being a bottom, and no matter what he says, during every scene, his eyes say it all.

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Coming Out – And Then Coming In-And-Out For The World To See

Being a  black gay man in today’s society isn’t an easy thing. Sure, the times where they would consider us pitchfork material has passed, but we aren’t exactly accepted by the society as much as we’d like to. I don’t like doing this, but I have to get it off of my chest somehow. The internet is the best place to go with your deepest, darkest secrets and desires. You might stop me right there and tell me that’s all a bunch of crap, but the truth is – there isn’t a better place for airing your dirty laundry. You can say anything – and I mean absolutely anything in the world to the millions of strangers across the globe, and not even one of them is going to cause your life to change.

I couldn’t be who I am

Where I live, being gay is still a well-guarded secret. Obviously, to my online friends and fuck-buddies, I am openly gay and no one has an issue with it. So, to keep things from getting out of hand, I am dating a girl. Just to make my parents and neighbors believe to themselves that I turned out okay. I still did, mind you, they just can’t accept it for some reason. Anyhow, the reason I am telling you all of this is very simple. At first, to satisfy my own curiosities and cravings, I tought out gay porn in an abnormal amount. My girlfriend was fine with it for the most of the time. But there came a point in time where I realized it wasn’t going to be enough.

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Meet Paddy O’Brian, the hottest guy in the industry

Now here’s a guy you’ll hear about practically everywhere! The finest exclusive model, Paddy O’Brian, seems to have lucked out. Everything seems to be going for him right now. He’s got that firm, jock stud body, a perfect cock, and to top it all off – his charming smile, rock-hard abs and tantalizing British accent could get a rise out of the straightest man on Earth. So, who exactly is Paddy O’Brian?

With more than 88 appearances as a top at Men.com, Paddy’s performance could be summed up in one word: Delicious! Some of his hottest stuff steals the spotlight on numerous free gay porn sites. Even despite the fact that he claims to be gay for pay, Paddy certainly delivers a convincing performance each and every time. When it comes to his sexuality, Paddy doesn’t really like to define or label himself in any way. He claims to be sexually fluid, which is further strengthened by the fact that he did shoot a few straight scenes in his early days, but nowadays, you’ll mostly find him in hot gay action.

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Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins is a male porn actor born in Pennsylvania on December 31-st, 1978. He’s one of the nicest and most respectable guys of the porn industry and starred in almost 1000 videos for several production companies like: Team Skeet, Brazzers Network, Reality Kings, Passion HD, More Free Porn, Pure Mature, Naughty America, Porn Pros, Tiny 4K, Teens Love Huge Cocks, Eat Sleep Porn, Real Wife Stories, Cfnm Secret and Sins Life.
Mr. Sins has an athletic body and he’s 6 foot tall, weighting 175 lb (80 kg).
What makes Johnny so eligible for a porn-star career is his good looking body with strong arms, ripped abdomen with 6-pack, wide chest and sculpted back. Beyjohnny_sins_porn4you_xxx_photoond that, nature blessed him with a huge cock measuring over 7.5 inches.

Many of his porn industry female colleagues complimented him for his blue eyes, shy behavior and sex-skills. Female porn stars like Lisa Ann and India Summers said that Johnny Sins is the best fuck they’ve ever had.
Since he was a young man, Johnny couldn’t stand the fact that he has to work for someone else and wanted to follow his own path. He graduated and got his marketing degree but he loved pussy to much not to make a living out of it as you can see in the video shared by porn4you.xxx with Johnny Sins interview. With that being said he left Pennsylvania and went to Los Angeles and now he’s a 10 year veteran in the porn4 industry.
Through his career his acting skills got him employed in all kinds of porn movies and videos, and he was the pool boy, the husband’s best friend, the gangster, the doctor, the professor, the husband, the fitness trainer, patient, chef, convict and many else.
His famous big cock pounded pussies, mouths and asses of all kinds but he has a preference for big titted MILFs. Continue Reading »

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Rocco Siffredi

picture 2 rocco siffrediRocco Siffredi is considered the top male performes off all the time in XXX industry. He was born on 4 May 1964 in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy, with the real name Rocco Antonio Tano.

He play in a impressive number of films. 452 as actor like: Rocco More than Ever in London 2Animal Trainer 11Marquis de Sade, Sandy Insatiable, Tarzan X  etc.  and 251 as director. With this impressive biography create his own brand. The name “Rocco” is knowed all over the world.

Some of best knowed actress who he worked are: Nacho Vidal,  Kelly Stafford, Bobbi Starr,  Teresa Orlowski, Catherine Breillat, Caroline Ducey

Porn actress about Siffredi:  “Girls from this industry who made sex and porn movies with him, have done things that were never made with anyone else in their lives.”

picture with rocco siffredi

Siffredi about his porn actress : “I like to see emotion in their eyes, excitement, even fear, and how their eyes are going up.”

Siffredi became famous in porn industry with his anal sex and analingus videos, witch made him very knowed in the world. Was knowed that his xxx videos begin soft, with romantic scenes, who turns in hardcore and violent sex.

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Keny Style – Pornstar


Born: 27 May 1981 (age32)

Ethnicity: Thailand

Height: 1.75 m

keny style
He was born to a single mother, who was a sex worker in Thailand. She moved in UK where she married with a british guy. After a while the marriange ended ans left Keny at an orphanage until the age of 16.  Before to became a pornstar he have an interesting life. He was in British Army and have missions in Bosnia, Ireland Iraq and Kosovo. After 7 years he leave the army and entered in the porn industry, in a company called Superman Stamina.  After he worked and live in Europe in Prague and Budapest, moved in US in the city of lights Los Angeles.

Is knowed that asian people have small cocks. In an interview he tell his oppinion about that.  He said don’t have the biggest cock, but neighter the smallest, and you don’t fuck only with your dick. You use whole body, your style, presence, and attitude. Important is to make the person near you happy, not if its fits in the vagina.

Here is a great video with him.  Enjoy 🙂
Keni Style fucking a big booty


Ron Jeremy: My Life as a Porn Star

        In porn industry is speaking usualy about womans. In  this post i want to speak about man`s, porno stars more exactly, and about life as a porno star.

A good example for this job is Ron Jeremy, considered a legent in porn industry .

If gold medals were handed out for making porn movies, Ron Jeremy would be the all-time champion. He has made close to 2,000 of them

Lower he tell us about how il all started

How did you get your start in the porn industry?

Ron Jeremy: Like many Jewish boys, I was working up in the Catskills, as a waiter and the maitre d’ at the Paramount Hotel. I was doing theater, and it was a very difficult situation, especially in New York, where you couldn’t be an extra unless you were part of the Screen Actors Guild. I was making no money. We agreed — my girlfriend Alice and I — to take some pictures in the deluxe wing of the Paramount. We knew women could do Playboy and that might lead to a career in theater, film. I thought I would try it out and at least get some kind of exposure, pardon the pun. So my girlfriend took the photographs and sent them to Playgirl. I thought maybe they would agree to bring me to L.A. for a layout, and while I’m in L.A. I’ll try to get some work in Hollywood. Then Playgirl called and they said we have good news and bad news. The bad news is they weren’t going to fly me anywhere. The good news is that they were going to use the pictures we had taken. Continue Reading »